Welcome post

Welcome post

Greetings. Welcome to my Site. It is my first post on my blog site.

For last 12 years I have worked in IT Department at the Bank, as well as giving lectures at the two greatest Universities in Tajikistan – Tajik Technical University and Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University in Dushanbe, gained me a certain experience and knowledge in modern IT technologies. In particular, I have worked and still daily working with the following Oracle products – Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, Solaris, Exadata Machine, APEX, Virtual Box, SQL Developer, SQL Developer Data Modeler and etc. In addition, I have organize with TAJOUG‘s board members workshops, seminars, conferences on Operation Systems/System Administration, Database, Programing, Security, Emerging Technologies (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Blockchain) and Annual International IT conference with well-known IT experts from all-over the world – Tajikistan TechConf. So I decided to periodically post and share with my experience and knowledge. I will also disclose news and plans of TAJOUG.

In the next few posts I am going to write about how to build your own virtual environment with Virtual Box, install and configure Oracle Linux and Solaris. I will describe the network settings between the installed Operation Systems (Virtual Machines) on Virtual Box. After that, I will install the Oracle Database and show you some system administrator’s (SysAdmin) and database administrator’s (DBA) tricks for operating systems and Oracle Database.

In the future, I will show in my posts how to provide high availability and failover of the operating systems, databases and more SysAdmin and DBA tricks. There will also be posts about Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Technologies.

I will believe and rely on your support. Your comments, wishes and remarks will be highly appreciated.

The journey is begging! 🙂

Fingers crossed!

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